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Part of the Church of England and the Worldwide Anglican Commuion

We are part of the Church of England   and the Church of England is the founder member of the worldwide Anglican Communion  The Anglican Communion (group of Churches) is made up of an estimated 85 million Christians who are members of 44 different Churches in 165 countries across the globe.

As Anglicans the basic foundation stones of our faith as Christians are: Scripture, Reason and Tradition.  We are called to love God with all our hearts, and minds, and souls and bodies.

The basic units for administration in the Church of England are the parish and the diocese: we are the parish of St Andrew, North Swindon.  This title gives the dedication of the church (St Andrew – one of the first followers of Jesus) and the area we are called to serve (north Swindon).  People who live in the parish have rights in English law to be buried from, baptised (christened) and married at their parish church.  To find your parish church go to the website A Church near You  and type in your postcode.

The next important unit of administration is the diocese- usually the size of an English county.  We are part of the diocese of Bristol

The Church of England is episcopally led (spiritual leadership of the Bishops) and governed synodically (by elected members of synods, both clergy and lay)

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