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Joining services on Facebook Live

Our 10am services are available to join online using Facebook Live. You do not need to have a Facebook account to do this. You can either attend the online service at the time it is on or watch it afterwards. If you would like service sheets, and a hymn book to be able to sing along with the hymns and songs, please get in touch with Sally.

Joining the online service live

You will be able to join from 9.55 am. Note that if you join during the service, you will pick up at the point it has reached - you can't rewind. To join the service, go to  - you will see a screen like this (but showing inside the church not the FACEBOOK LIVE notice):

Note if you have a Facebook account and are logged in it will look a little different, but the basics are the same.

If the bar in the middle says Past live videos rather than Happening now, the video hasn't started yet. Refresh your browser until it says Happening now and there is a red LIVE sign. 

To see the full image, click on the video picture under Happening now. (If the bar at the bottom covers it, scroll down the page first.) You can now follow the service online.

If the live service doesn't appear

You may see a screen like this:

If this happens, click Home in the left hand column:

The live video now appears - you can make it bigger by clicking the two outward facing arrows near the bottom right of the image.

Watching the service afterwards

Past services are available from a few minutes after they finish. To watch services that have finished go to  - you will a screen like this:

Click on the video you want to watch (if the videos are hidden behind the Log In/New Account bar at the bottom, scroll down the page). Once you click on a video it will appear larger and you can watch the service.

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