Maundy Thursday 9th April 2020


9th April 2020

We invite you to join us virtually at 6pm as you eat your supper so we can remember the Last Supper together.  We are hoping this will appeal to all ages. 

Thinking about the Last Supper and the final hours of Jesus' life

Why not take this opportunity to watch the Biblically based Jesus Film (again)?  You can find it on youtube here

The full film is 2 hours long or you'll find the events of Holy Week beginning at 1:07:50 or for just the Last Supper at 1:16:15

Please note this film is rated PG and (not surprisingly) does contain some scenes that young children may find upsetting.

Alternatively you may prefer to read the story from the Bible and think about the following questions. 

Read Matthew 26 verses 17-30 

Why do you think Jesus allowed Judas to be part of this special meal?

How does Holy Communion help you to know God has forgiven your sins?

Read Matthew 26 verses 31-46

In what ways might you be tempted to desert Jesus?

How can Jesus' prayer help us when we pray?

Read Matthew 26 verses 47-56 Why do you think Jesus was arrested under cover of darkness?


Watch of Prayer

Traditionally on Maundy Thursday, Christians remove all the accessories from church (known as stripping the altar) and sit and pray in silence.  You may find the video below helpful to help you as you pray at home.  The words are Psalm 88. 

You may like to conclude with Night Prayer.  You'll find the service here.



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