Coming back to church


For many of us going back to church after possibly many months will seem a little strange – don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. Please wear a mask while in the church building and leave socialising to the churchyard.

One way system

There’s a one-way system in place, turning left towards the altar as you enter the church, heading around the front pews to the right side and down the far aisle. Whenever you are moving around in church, please stick to the one-way system.

Taking your seat

Not every pew is in use to ensure social distancing. Following the one-way system, please make use of a pew as directed, or take an empty pew that isn’t cordoned off. Please do not sit next to anyone not from your household. If there are only a few people in church, please don’t use the nearest pews to other members of the congregation.

Going up to communion

Please wait until the person before you has come down the step on the way back from the altar before setting off to the altar rail. At the moment, the celebrant will be dipping the wafer in the wine before handing it to you: just let them drop it onto your palm and then eat it. Remove, or pull down/up your mask, then reposition your mask before returning to your seat, using the one-way system.

Reading or leading prayers

Please go up to the lectern so you can be seen if video is being used. If you are comfortable doing so, take off your mask while at the lectern.


There will not be a collection during the service. Please give on your way out, through the door at the back of the church. You can use the contactless card machine or give cash just before the back door on your left.


Following the one-way system, please exit through the door at the back of church. Wheelchair users will need to use the main door.

Video tour

This video gives a quick guided to tour to what will have changed when you arrive.

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