Simple ideas to help YOU pray!

Book of Prayers:  these can help when we do not know what to say, and also widen our horizons.
TCP: a simple formula:
Thanksgiving: Confession (sorrow for own mistakes and failings): Petition (asking for others and for ourselves)
Five Finger Exercise:
Index finger (for those who guide us): middle finger (for all leaders locally, nationally): ring finger (those in need); little finger (ourselves); thumb (our nearest and dearest).
Silence and Symbols:
Some people find silence, a picture, music or a symbol such as a cross a helpful way to focus in prayer.  Take time to be still: focus on a candle or symbol or use a phrase e.g. ‘Be still and know that I am God’; wait and see what happens, end with the Lord’s Prayer.


Online resources:

There are lots of different prayer sites on the web and many have good phone apps too.  These are some we have found helpful.                    

Morning Bell by Ian Adams: available via Twitter or Facebook, a photo and a phrase to ponder

Sacred Space; a gentle reflective space

Daily Prayer Online: with Thought for the Day; Reflection on a daily reading; Quiet Space etc…

Church of England daily prayer:  formal morning and evening prayers

Rejesus website: has an interactive daily prayer section

The Christianity website has a good section on prayer

If you would like us to pray for you please contact us.  God bless.

For your prayers


  • Karen and Simon as they work together as Churchwardens;
  • Mark Tidey and the others being ordained as deacons on Saturday 1st July;
  • Local churches, especially, this month, St Mary's Anglican Rodbourne Cheney, Emmanuel URC, St Andrew's Moredon Methodist Church and St Mary's Roman Catholic Rodbourne Cheney;
  • All young people taking exams this month, for a sense of peace and the ability to do their best;
  • Greater unity within the country following the General Election and for all those involved in campaigning and forming the new parliament.

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