What next after the Baptism


We are delighted that you decided to have your child baptized at St Andrew's and here are some ideas to help you keep the promises you made at the Baptism.

Bringing your child up in the Christian Faith

Things you might do:

Say a simple Grace before a family meal once a week or so and especially at Christmas and Easter

For example: Thank you for our food, bless us as we eat and help us to remember those who are hungry today. Or Rub a dub dub, thank God for our grub.  You can buy 'grace' dice with 6 different mealtime graces.

Say a prayer each night as you put your child to bed (for example: thank God for the day, pray for family members and anyone in need, anything they want to ask God about); teach your child the Lord's Prayer.

Take your child to church when you can and especially to a children's service or when there is special provision for children.  We are very child friendly at St Andrew's Church see our Worship Services page

Talk to your child about his or her baptism and show them the photos and Baptism card.

Light their Baptism candle on the anniversary of their Baptism and make the anniversary of their Baptism special, eg with a cake, card, small gift.

Read a Bible story to them on a regular basis.  Books on bible stories are also available, and as they get oder thare are age related bible reading notes.  We use the Big Bible Storybook published by Scripture Union and the Beginner's Bible published by Candle Books 

Celebrate the church seasons eg Lent, Easter (Hot Cross Buns, Easter Eggs), Harvest, Advent (Advent calendars have both chocolate and religion these days), Christmas - don't forget Jesus, it is not just about Santa!

Charity Jar: collect pennies in a jar and choose a charity, as a reminder of how Christians can care for others.

Think about your own faith: how you live out your faith is crucial in helping your child understand what the Christian faith is about.

Opportunities for learning about the Christian Faith: we have regular discussion group and if you are interested in being confirmed or a refresher course, speak to one of the clergy.

Community/Church groups which are child friendly, held in the Community Room, St Francis School, Taw Hill:  
Tuesday Drop in:  9-10 am, for anyone, but parents, carers, toddlers, babies especially welcome.  Term Time Only

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