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Worship lies at the heart of all that we do as Christians. From earliest times Christians have come together regularly in the name of Christ, to worship God.  As we gather, we bring to God our praise and thanksgiving; we listen to and reflect upon the words of the Scriptures; we pray for the needs of the world; and we seek the forgiveness of our sins; so that, strengthened by the Holy Spirit, we may give ourselves afresh to the service of God in our daily lives.  

During current COVID-19 restrictions

You will find the service for Sunday morning at 10am here

You will find the service for Wednesday's Coffee, Prayer and Chat at 11am here

The service of Night Prayer (sometimes called Compline) is a comforting way to end the day. You can find the words here to pray when conveninent for you.

If you would like more inspiration and advice on how to pray and engage with the Bible during this time you'll find help and ideas here.

Under normal circumstances, there is a service every Sunday at 10am at St Andrew’s Church and twice a month at 6.30pm.  

We have a monthly menu of services, traditional and modern, at different times which is normally as follows (or consult the calendar) :

10am Every Sunday @ St Andrew’s

Children welcome at every service

1st Sunday - Children’s Service followed by refreshments

3rd Sunday - Morning Prayer with Sunday School followed by refreshments

Other Sundays (2nd, 4th and 5th) - Holy Communion

Traditional Evening Worship @ St Andrew’s 6.30 pm

1st and 3rd Sunday evenings

This menu offers a range of worship styles in order to meet both the spiritual needs of everyone who worships with us and the limited capacity of our 13th century church building!  Children are always welcome and there is specific provision at every service for them, except the two evening services at St Andrew’s church.


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