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January 2020 News

Looking forward to the New Year

I am old fashioned enough still to use a paper diary and I love this time of year when I haven’t filled in next year’s diary yet and there’s the promise of a quieter period after the wonderful busy-ness of Christmas.  We all need times of activity and of rest in our lives and I hope you will enjoy some relaxation with family and friends over the Christmas and New Year period.

However once January gets started in earnest we will be preparing for the year ahead and as well as the normal Christian festivals we’re planning a couple of community events and opportunities for more people to discover both the beauty of St Andrew’s and the wonder of the Christian message.  Check out the outline calendar for 2020 below.

New year or even new decade, we will continue to be worshipping Jesus at St Andrew’s Church at 10am every Sunday and at 6.30pm twice a month, as well as at Tadpole Farm CE Primary Academy.  You can also find some of us chatting over a cup of coffee and praying together at 11am on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month. Please see the What's on section above for details.

May I wish you all a 2020 filled with love, joy and peace.


Around the Parish


What’s going on at St Andrew’s North Swindon and its parish in 2020?

All events subject to change so please keep an eye on our Facebook page or the online news for up-to-date details.

Sunday 5th January: Epiphany
Celebrate the Coming of the Wise Men to worship Jesus at our Children’s Service at 10am and Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion at 6.30pm 
Sundays 9th and 16thFebruary 
Sunday 23rd February
26th February Ash Wednesday
Services at 10am and 6.30 (on 16th) exploring God’s generosity and our response 
10am Holy Communion for Healing and Wholeness
7.30pm Holy Communion 
From 15th March
Symbols of Easter trail around parish
5th April Palm Sunday
9th April Maundy Thursday – 
10th Good Friday
12th Easter Sunday
Celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem at the start of Holy Week at our Children’s Service at 10am and Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion at 6.30pm
6.30pm Simple fellowship meal   
7.30pm Communion Service
10am Good Friday Family event 
2pm Last hour meditation
10am Holy Communion 
21st Ascension Day
Sunday 24th May
31st Pentecost
7.30pm Holy Communion
10am Holy Communion for Healing and Wholeness
10am Holy Communion and Songs of Praise
Saturday 20th June
Community Celebration event
Including Annual barbeque
Sunday 23rd August
10am Holy Communion for Healing and Wholeness
Saturday 12thSeptember
25th-27th September
Ride and Stride – visit historic churches throughout Wiltshire
National Prayer weekend
Friday 2nd October
Sunday 4th October 
Harvest Supper
Celebrate Harvest Festival at our Children’s Service at 10am and Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion at 6.30pm
Sunday 1st November
Sunday 22nd November
6.30pm All Saints Day Community memorial service
10am Holy Communion for Healing and Wholeness 
Friday 25th December Christmas
Details of our Christmas services to follow!

We would love to see your contributions!

Please help with contributions to the online news. You could write about your faith, the church building and history, community events - anything of interest to the parish. Please email contributions to Brian:


Wider World

Swindon Uganda Deanery Link Newsletter - Winter 2019

Celebrating 50 years of the Bristol Uganda Link

As we hope you know by now, the link between the church in the Bristol Diocese and in Uganda was 50 years old this year and we had a great week of celebration in October.

The AYF choir:
  • Stayed in 8 homes in 6 different parishes in Swindon for 5 night
  • Performed for all of years 7 and 8 at Swindon Academy
  • Entertained over 100 people at St Francis School Taw Hill and were welcomed by a choir of children from 4 local Primary Schools
  • Inspired us at a great concert at St Michael’s Highworth.
Everyone who heard them were impressed by their ceaseless energy, great musical ability and particularly their vibrant faith as they mixed singing Christian songs composed by the group with their testimonies.  They then spent a week performing in the rest of the Bristol Diocese.

Bishop Eridard, Mama Jane, Revd Paulson, Revd Canon Frederick at Oliver Tomkins School with the Photo of Bishop Oliver who founded the link 
Bishop Eridard and Mama Jane from Luweero diocese and Revd Canon Frederick and Revd Paulson from Kampala Diocese stayed in Swindon for 10 days.  While here, among other things they
  • Visited 8 Sunday services in 7 benefices
  • Met children in 8 different schools
  • Engaged in discussion with Bishop Viv and Bishop Lee and local church members on a variety of topics.
The Uganda Link team is really grateful to everyone who contributed to making the celebrations a success, by hosting, transporting, welcoming or contributing financially.  We were delighted that as well as paying for the airfares for Bishop Eridard and Mama Jane, Swindon Deanery was able to contribute £1500 to the Ugandan Clergy training fund supported by Bristol Diocese. 
Thank you

Where do we go from here?

It’s great to celebrate friendships formed in the past and help and support given, but we were always keen that this anniversary would look forwards as well as back, so what can we do to deepen our links in the coming 50 years?

It’s great to hear of parishes and schools who have already been inspired to get more involved…..
  • St Paul’s Dorcan has revived the link with St Paul’s Kiwuliriza in Kampala, where Revd Paulson assists Revd Canon Helen and have exchanged messages via Podcasts.
  • Stratton Team Ministry is considering how to partner with St Stephen’s Church and School in Kisugu, a suburb of Kampala who are lanunching an ambitious project to provide accommodation for 16 teachers
  • The Benefice of All Saints and St Barnabas and the Parish of St Mary’s Rodbourne Cheney are considering finding suitable church partners to link with.
  • The Deanery CE Academy is hoping to link with a Secondary School in Luweero
  • Tadpole Farm CE Primary Academy sent letters of encouragement from year 6 to Nsawo Primary School’s top year group and have received letters in return.

If you have an idea about how you or your church could support the link more, communicate more regularly with our brothers and sisters in Uganda, or visit Kampala and Luweero, please speak to your local rep or contact Sally. 

What the link looks like currently

We are linked with Kampala and Luweero Diocese. 

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali is also Bishop of Kampala and when he retires in March 2020 he will be replaced by Bishop Stephen Kaziimba.  The Assistant Bishop of Kampala, Bishop Hannington Mutebi has just returned to Kampala after 11 months treatment for Leukemia.

Bishop Eridard Nsubuga, has been Bishop of Luweero since 2015. He and his wife, Jane, head a far more rural diocese, based around the small city of Luweero, about 50 miles north of Kampala. 

Churches and Schools in Swindon are linked with the following schools in Luweero Diocese:
  • Balittalwogi Primary and Special Needs School with St John’s Haydon Wick and Haydon Wick Primary School  
  • Bwaziba Primary School with St John’s Haydon Wick and St Francis School, Taw Hill  
  • Katikamu Sebamala Primary School with West Swindon Benefice and Oliver Tomkins School 
  • Nsawo Primary School with Tadpole Farm CE Primary Academy
  • Sekamuli Secondary School with St Michael’s Highworth

There are opportunities for more schools and churches to be linked, so please contact Sally if you are interested.

Stop Press!

The AYF Choir will be returning to Swindon and you will be able to hear them again on Wednesday 8th January at 7.30pm at St Barnabas Church, Ferndale Road, Gorse Hill, SN2 1BU. Come along and bring a friend!

A carol for New Year

A beautiful carol by Benjamin Britten to wish you a Happy New Year.

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