Living in Love and Faith


Engaging with Living in Love and Faith.                

Living in Love and Faith sets out to inspire people to think more deeply about what it means to be human and to live in love and faith with one another.  It tackles the tough questions and the divisions among Christians about what it means to be holy in a society in which understandings and practices of gender, sexuality and marriage continue to change.  It seeks to help all members of the Church of England engage with these issues and hear God’s voice speaking into society today.  The feedback from engagement across the church this year will inform discussions next year on whether or not to change the Church of England’s stance on marriage and human sexuality.

Will you be part of the conversation?

During the Autumn there will be discussion groups running across Swindon Deanery to allow you to explore these issues in greater depth with Christians from other Church of England congregations.  If you sign up to a course you can expect:

  • To meet together with a facilitator and about 4 other people for 90 minutes each session weekly over 6 weeks.
  • To discuss issues including identity, relationships and sex from a variety of Biblical and contemporary perspectives using Bible passages and videos.
  • To have your voice heard and your opinions, after the course, fed back into the national church’s deliberations
  • To be expected to be open-minded and willing to engage respectfully with those who may hold different opinions to you.
  • To have access to a chaplain should you want to discuss matters further and in confidence.

We hope you will be able to sign up to the course and engage in this very important moment in the life of the Church of England.

We will be running courses at the following times and places (subject to numbers signing up to each)




Start date



St John’s Parks

25th October



Wroughton and Wichelstowe Church Hall

12th October



St Paul’s Dorcan (Small hall)

21st October







On zoom

13th October


To sign up for a course please contact David Caine ( or 07774 150426) and tell him your name, church, and 1st and 2nd preference courses.  Also let him know if you would like to join a course in the new year instead.

You can find further information on

the Diocese of Bristol website

the LLF hub

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