Sermons from St Andrew's North Swindon.

Sermon 20th September 2020 (Trinity 15) Matthew 20.1-16
Sermon for Trinity 15. Reading: Matthew 20.1-16

Sermon 13 September 2020 (Trinity 14) - Matthew 18.21-35
Sermon by Sally Robertson at St Andrew, North Swindon on 13 September 2020, based on Matthew 18.21-35 for Trinity 14.

Sermon 6 September 2020 - Matthew 18: 15-20
Sermon given by Sally Robertson on Matthew 18: 15-20.

Sermon 30 August 2020 - Matthew 16 versus 21 to end
Sermon from St Andrew, North Swindon given by Sally Robertson, based on Matthew 16 versus 21 to end.

Sermon - Trinity 11 - 23 August 2020 - Reading Matthew 16.13-20
We lost the first words of the sermon. Sally started by saying: Karen chose 'But who do YOU say that I am?' this week to post on facebook for our Matthew on Monday initiative – our weekly attempt to remind ourselves to read and think about Sunday’s passage in advance and let it shape our week, as well as 10 minutes on a Sunday morning. (You can also find the passages on our website.) This is a really striking question – not just to the disciples at the time Jesus asked it, but to us as well his followers today – who do you say that I am? And this morning I want to think about how we answer that question – but also how the conversation between Peter and Jesus at the time gives us some important information about the church which we must not lose sight of. So, who do you say that I am? Who is Jesus to you? There may be as many answers to that question as there are people listening to this sermon. Perhaps you are thinking he’s a role model of how I should live...

Sermon - Trinity 10 - 16 August 2020
Sermon from St Andrew's, North Swindon Morning Prayer - Trinity 10 - 16 August 2020 - Sally Robertson.

Sermon Trinity 9
Sermon for Trinity 9 - 9th August 2020. Reading: Matthew 14.22-33

Sermon Trinity 8 - 2nd August 2020
Sermon for Trinity 8. Reading: Matthew 14.13-21